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**Fellowship communication has another literature challenge for your groups. You can win more literature for your group by entering this contest. We have made bookmarks. All you do is chair a meeting using one of these chosen books or pamphlets, circle the CAL you chaired on and return the book at (or before) the March Assembly. There are 3 bookmarks: the first book mark is due at the March Assembly. You can make copies and enter as many times as you like. We hope this challenge will attract members to our literature and increase literature sales. Bookmarks are available from your DR or on the Oregon Web Site. 2018 Bookmarks

Action Committee Report to Assembly (fillable pdf)

July Public Outreach Presentation

2017 Budget, (10/2016) Final Approved

Sample corporate minutes - PDF document (10/2015)

Best Practices - Membership Retention, (11/2014)

Trusted Servant Profile Sheet, Fillable - PDF document



Guidelines for OR Area Archives, (10/2012)

Background to policy on bequest

Group history form




AWSC Feb 2018 Agenda

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